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January 17, 2019 BY AMI Imaging Leave a Comment

Landscape Architect Streamlines Document Collaboration

Needed to manage all documents from Concept to Completion

The Challenge

A Landscape Company’s employees were losing valuable time searching for information. The sales team spent too much time finding paper and less time with clients. Their accounts payable department required multiple approvals to pay some invoices. Emails had to be sent to get these approvals so discounts could be received and to avoid duplicate payments or over-payment. Collaboration with all the stakeholders was cumbersome and time consuming.

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Why Companies are automating their accounts payable process

Transform accounts payable processes with speed, visibility and control

With AP departments today facing increasing volumes of invoices, greater process complexity and ongoing pressures to accomplish more with less, automating AP operations increases efficiency, streamlines invoice processing and delivers a fast return on investment.

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January 7, 2019 BY AMI Imaging Leave a Comment

How to Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Eliminating the "Oops" with intelligent data capture

No matter how skilled your Accounts Payable department may be, processes that rely on manual data entry from paper is slow and subject to human "oops"

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January 3, 2019 BY AMI Imaging Leave a Comment

All About Converting Paper to Digital

Digital Transformation

Competing in today’s business environment has many challenges from compliance with government regulations to increased competition that require organizations to become more productive while doing more with less. A key way to meet these challenges is to convert paper documents to digital.

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